Create an Instant Private Network

Create Your Own Private Network Across the Internet


- no configuration, just download, install and run
- creates a secure network or VPN among many computers
- browse the web securely and access content in other regions
- run any application between computers securely
- completely FREE to use with MAC, Linux & Windows support

What is Remobo?

The Remobo app creates an Instant Private Network ™ (IPN) between users.

Just login, add users to your buddy list, and Remobo will create a secure network connection between your computer and the computers in your list!

For Windows, MAC & Linux, with both 32- and 64-bit supports

Free Download

How can I use it?

Control your own computer remotely from any other computer.

Access your files securely from work or while travelling.

Browse the web securely & access content in other regions.

Share files, photos & media with friends & family on your network.

Play LAN games over the Internet as if you were all in one place.

Secure all your messages and file transfers against hackers.

Create a virtual private network (VPN) instantly and securely.

Connect to any computer in your list securely to access files.

Run virtually any 3rd party application on top of Remobo.

Want even more? See how our community of users is finding new and creative ways to use Remobo. Or download it for free and try it for yourself!

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How is it Different?

Zero-Configuration: just install it and you are ready to go! No messy system configurations, network settings, or firewall issues to deal with.

Easy-to-Use: access any computer in your list securely from anywhere in the world! Just download and install.

Secure: all data is encrypted and private so no one else can see it. Absolutely NO spyware or adware of any kind!

Built-in Proxy Browser: browse the web through any computer running Remobo. Access region-locked content in other cities or countires!

Fast: Remobo tries to create a direct, peer-to-peer connection between your computers for the fastest speed.

Flexible: you can also run virtually any 3rd party application on top of Remobo, like VNC, LAN games, file sharing, etc.

FREE: unlike other remote access and VPN applications, Remobo is completely free to download and use.

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