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Wrong username and password

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Avatar brns999 2 post(s)


I have problem can not be logged via software, but I can login no the forum and change my password.
I reinstall again SOFTWARE is not helped,tried to register with the same username and e-mail but it is neither helpful : (: (: ( please help my username is brns999

Thanks in advance

Avatar Jackie Administator 67 post(s)

Your account has been reset and you should be able to login withour problem now.
Please check your email inbox for the latest login info.

Let us at the Remobo team know if you run into any problems.

Avatar brns999 2 post(s)

thanks everything is fine and everything works 100%
thank you you’re the best :)

Avatar resobaso 2 post(s)

Could also reset my account?

Avatar resobaso 2 post(s)

I havent been able to login even though my password is correct.

Avatar Jackie Administator 67 post(s)

To resobaso:

It looks like you’ve encountered some failed transaction while trying to change/reset your account password. We’ve rolled back the failed transaction and you should be able to login with the previous account settings now. Let me know if you’re able to login or not.

Avatar lweilong 7 post(s)

Hi Jackie,

During the time when it’s having issue, i’ve problems logging in.
At the same time, i tried to reset password. It never went thro’ successfully.

Up till now, it still keep giving “cannot sign in” errors : Wrong Username or Password for user.

But with the same ID and password, i can login here.
Would you be able to assist?

Avatar Jackie Administator 67 post(s)

To lweilong:

It’s due to failed transaction while you’re resetting the password for your Remobo account ‘lweilong’. I’ve cleared out the failed transaction and you should be able to log in now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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