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Timeout waiting for connection with buddies

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Avatar markinmaine 11 post(s)

Today we began getting “timeout waiting for connection with buddies” when trying to log on. It’s at two different locations, two different accounts, both Ubuntu machines. In both cases the login progress box flashes an IP address, then states “received my buddy list; connecting” then we get the timeout box after some delay.


Avatar Jackie Administator 67 post(s)

This was due to overload at the presence relay servers, which has been resolved now.
Please try login again and let us know of any issues.

Avatar jiinxycat 1 post(s)

I just recieved this error today please help me. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix this issue?

Avatar seifedine 2 post(s)

i didn’t want to open a new topic on the same subject while it exists in here,
I’m having the same problem with some of my accounts.

Avatar levenbreechvor 4 post(s)

I’ve got the same problem

Avatar antonius 1 post(s)

I have this problem too

Avatar freeky 1 post(s)

Me too.

Avatar Frash 1 post(s)

Yes i have this problem for 2 day!!!

Avatar bjarmian 6 post(s)

and me too(

Avatar maverick83 1 post(s)

me too :(

Avatar Jackie Administator 67 post(s)

Sorry for the delay. One of the servers has been found to have hardware issues over the past few days.
It has been replaced over the weekend, and you should be able to login without problem now.

I apologize for not getting back to our users promptly. We really appreciate all your reports here and will find ways to prevent this from happening again. Let us know of any issues.

Avatar dannyraven 1 post(s)

Yesturday all being fine with Remobo, but today “Timeout waiting for connection with buddies”- what i have to do??

Avatar aroza 3 post(s)

dear sir iam new to this .and i did my a/c name aroza and i canot login i as taking 20 % wen i click log and after 20 sec it shows time out what can i do to log in pliz tell me the anser from india

Avatar aroza 3 post(s)

dear sir 1 day over stil i canot log wen i log in it takes 20 % and then it tells time out how can i log

Avatar jeffrey Administator 120 post(s)

Can you send us the remobo log files. It’s located at the “.remobo” sub-directory under you home directory. Please email it to “support (at) remobo (dot) com”

Avatar mortis666 1 post(s)

same problem today with my account.i cant connect! anyhelp?

Avatar jeffrey Administator 120 post(s)

Please send us your remobo.log file for further diagnostics.

Avatar madmigas 2 post(s)

Experiencing the same problem already sent the report with my remobo.log

Avatar wcwyes 12 post(s)

Today and yesterday me and some friends started experiencing this problem. Seems to me this is a reoccurring problem. Hope it get fixed soon.

Avatar wcwyes 12 post(s)

Computer is Windows 7, my friends computer is Windows XP, strange thing is My friend that runs Ubuntu has no problems at all(His work computer runs Windows 7 and it has no problems either). Help some one.

Avatar wcwyes 12 post(s)

Funny tidbit I just realized the error is not Timeout waiting for connection with buddies, but Timeout waiting for connecting with buddies.

Avatar wcwyes 12 post(s)

been looking through the log and it seems to be a file not found error c:\Program Files (x86)\Remobo\.remobo-autouser where can I find this file

Avatar wcwyes 12 post(s)

Discovered it’s a duplicate file error(i think) it says ERROR1309

Avatar jeffrey Administator 120 post(s)

There was a disk full event on the server side yesterday, and it’s been fixed now. Please check if the problem persists.

Avatar wcwyes 12 post(s)

Now it says wrong user name or password, did you delete my account?

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