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timeout waiting for opening virtual interface

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Avatar woodman 4 post(s)

I had been using remobo a few months agao. Today I tried it and could not log on. So downloaded the latest windows version and it still failed to logon. So I created a new user account and I get the error

“timeout waiting for openeing virtual interface. If I intentionally put a bad password it knows that and fails with bad user or pass.

Can you guys fix this please? I tied this on 3 windows machines 32 and 64bit win7. Also fails on linux centos 5.5.


Avatar markinmaine 11 post(s)

I am experiencing the same issue. I cannot reconnect windows or linux machines.


Avatar jeffrey Administator 120 post(s)

The problem has been fixed on the server side. Please try again and let us know of any issues.

Avatar woodman 4 post(s)

It works now great on windows including the vnc app. But on centos there is a missing dependency
It is not in the standad repo I have setup.

Avatar woodman 4 post(s)

It installs on ubuntu fine and I can see buddies and ping but vnc crashes the ubuntu remobo session. This used to work on the older 0.5 version even on centos. :(

Avatar woodman 4 post(s)

I can use a seperate vncviewer and connect using the remobo ip on the ubuntu box. That is good! Can you put the libraries that are required in the build so centos is not broken?

Avatar mblinco 2 post(s)

Having the same issue: Timeout waiting for opening virtual interface. error. Is there something I need to do on my end or is it a remobo issue???

Avatar mblinco 2 post(s)

ps running mac to mac.

Avatar whurdwfd 1 post(s)

Same issue on Linux.

Avatar Jackie Administator 67 post(s)

@mblinco & @whurdwfd:

It was a server side issue, because of overloading. The issues is resolved now and you should be able to login.

Avatar cardiogriff 1 post(s)

I am a new user and this morning i have the same issue with one PC on Win 7 X64 and one other PC with Win 7 X32 (France 11:07 AM)


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