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Wrong username and password

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Created an account using the programme shortcut. But would not let me login – said Wrong username or password. Reset the password 4 times. Each time i could log onto the website, but not the programme., I have now created 3 more accounts. All have the same problem. One such username is is bogoak365
Please help

Avatar jeffrey Administator 120 post(s)

The problem is now fixed at the Remobo backend registration server. Please try register new account again and you should be able to login without problem.

The root cause was that the registration server for new user account was not able to propagate the registration info into the login server. To maintain the consistency of user account info, all the accounts that has been affected by this problem has been reset, so you should be able to create accounts with the same login name again.

Let us know if there’s any issues.

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