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connection to local remobo service is closed

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Avatar cuestaluis 2 post(s)


I’m a new user, and this message keeps exiting me from the program every time I try to log in, I’m on OSX 10.7.
I have tried to create a new account, but the same happened.

Avatar gee Administator 13 post(s)

This message means the local remobo service program (we call it “backend”) has been terminated for some reason, and your login window (we call it "frontend) must be terminated as well. To find out why the backend terminates, please send us the remobo log files. They are named “remobo.log” and “remobo-gui.log”, and located at the directory of:


You can email them to “support (at) remobo (dot) com”, with email subject of title of this post. Thanks!

Avatar cuestaluis 2 post(s)

Ok, I’ll send them right now!


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