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Runtime Error

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Avatar skanoff 1 post(s)

When I start loggin in after the message to wait it reports me that the application has requested the runtime to terminate in its usual way – and the it closes. Well… I tryied to reinstall java runtime 7.0 and so on. The problem still persists.
How can I fix it?
Thanks for the attention.

Avatar jeffrey Administator 120 post(s)

Please send us the remobo log files for analysis of this problem. Which O.S. is your computer? If you’re running Windows, you can find the log files of “remobo.log” and “remobo-gui.log” at the directory of “C:\Documents and Settings\<your-username>\.remobo”. Please email the files to “support (at) remobo (dot) com”.

Remobo does not use Java at all, so reinstalling Java Runtime won’t help here. You can try reinstall Remobo to see if it helps.

Avatar springbok 1 post(s)

Hi I am getting the same thing on XP Pro sp2. It says the runtime is terminating in an unusual way. Please help.

I have emailed the log files.

Avatar Jackie Administator 67 post(s)

TO springbok & skanoff:

We haven’t received your remobo log files. Please send them to “support (at) remobo (dot) com”. Thanks

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