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Got Error: Timeout waiting for connecting to network

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Avatar sticx 2 post(s)

Getting this error (just as in title: Got Error: Timeout waiting for connecting to network) I get this error when I’m trying to login on to the remobo server… I’m running Windows 7 x64, just made an account. Also made a printscreen of it which can be found here(

I think that it has something to do with my router.. but it says on the website that this shouldn’t be a problem, and that no ports should be opened.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?



Avatar jeffrey Administator 120 post(s)

It may be that your network firewall has blocked UDP traffic, which is the protocol used in Remobo. But this is just a wild guess. It’d be great if you can send us the log file of “remobo.log”, which is located at the directory of “C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\.remobo” directory.

Yes, no port needs to be opened on your router. But your router has to allow UDP traffic to go through. We’re working on ways to get around this UDP limitation, but for v0.50, it’s still required to allow UDP traffic to/from the Internet.

Avatar sticx 2 post(s)

Hmm ok, well here’s the log:
Hope it helps ;)

Avatar jeffrey Administator 120 post(s)

From the log, the Remobo program was unable to connect to the Internet for its network setup. This means the UDP traffic is blocked in your network. What kind of network/ISP environment are you in?

Avatar Gabor000 1 post(s)

I’m having the same problem, I’ve read the log file and it seems that Remobo can’t resolve the hostnames. I have to use a proxy server to connect to the internet, and it allows communication only through port 80, 443, 21, so only the commonly used ones. How can I set up Remobo to use the proxy server?

Avatar gee Administator 13 post(s)

Remobo does not support TCP or HTTP proxy yet. You have to allow outgoing UDP for Remobo to connect in v0.60.0. We’re testing TCP support and will have it released soon.

For the DNS hostname error you’ve seen in the log, it’s not critical and remobo should be able to get around that error.

Avatar vital2013 1 post(s) Ubutu 11.10. The same problem. But I try connect 2 virtual systems (second – Mint 12) through VirtualBox (NAT). But again – 1 time I had success with it and seen both of it like ON.

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