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Avatar arjanodh 3 post(s)

Since Remobo is the most user-friendly VPN software I know of I think it would be nice to really put some more stuff in there to improve ease of use. Since Remobo works with most web-applications it would be a nice addition to include a app installer in the settings menu so you can install an application in a single click or so. Something like Fantastico (is Fantastico open source?? can’t seem to find their website) that’s used a lot with the Cpanel hosting panel.

Also a single click activated FTP or other filesharing protocol like sshfs or webdav could make a nice addition, you would be able to activate it for each buddy separately and one could use a browser to download the files. Specially webdav would be easy to implement when using OwnCloud and it works great although it’s still in Beta and not all options are totally finished yet.

Another one for the non-technical users would be a secure key exchange option that can create a new keypair and send a public key for email, ssh, vpn or other authentication purposes and import it on the receiver’s side after approval.

And a last one for the geeks and paranoid people; include ie. Steghide to send encrypted messages hidden in images or audio files.

Maybe some things in there you can use…

Thanx for the great app

Avatar jeffrey Administator 120 post(s)

Thanks arjanodh! We’re looking into these projects to see how Remobo can integrate them. The App Installer of Fantastico is interesting; we were developing more among the line of Firefox Plugin extensions, where 3rd-party apps can integrate with Remobo through Developer API, and non-technical Remobo users can install & remove them easily through Remobo’s user interface. Any other suggestion to model after here?

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